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Highways England

VT Banksman Autobraking System

Driving improvements in behavioural safety culture and highways industry safety performance.
Client Name
Aggregate Industries UK Ltd
Chairman’s Award: Excellence in Safety.
28 March 2019

Project Details

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Vision Techniques, Aggregate Industries and DE Plant has seen us shortlisted in the Highway England Awards. The awards recognises and celebrates excellence in safety, customer and delivery. Our VT Banksman Autobraking product has been nominated in the Chairman’s Award: Excellence in Safety.

We are extremely excited about the nomination and it’s great to see collaborations with our customers to drive innovation in safety is being recognised.

The event took place on 28 March at The Vox in Birmingham where we recognised the skill, ingenuity and performance of individuals and teams who have furthered our progress against the Road Investment Strategy over the last 12 months. In eight categories themed around our imperatives, safety, customer service and delivery; the event showcased industry-leading work that’s made journeys safer and smoother for our users.

Aggregate Industries safety initiative strategy, in collaboration with Vision Techniques, Munihire and DE Plant, aims to eradicate site collisions using the VT Banksman Auto Braking. With workforce and pedestrian safety playing a major factor in the strategy.

Unlike conventional collision detection radars, the VT Banksman Auto Braking takes safety to the next level in not just warning about dangers but also completely removing the risk of collision accidents. Here’s a simple description of how it works – If the radar detects something in its field of view the system will give the driver an audible and visual warning, however if the driver does not react to the alarms the system will automatically apply the brakes, bringing the vehicle to a safe and controlled stop. A new development from this collaboration is we can now offer Forward Autobraking. We are also very proud of the fact that we are the first company to successfully integrate an Autobraking system to the BOMAG range of rollers.

This is what Vision Techniques is all about, collaboration with our customers to drive innovation in vehicle safety. Aggregate Industries, Munihire and DE Plant and Vision Techniques all share the same ethos the make the unsafe safe. Its great news that we have been shortlisted and its great recognition for the team. A great start to 2019

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